The Idea and Origin of Karate-do

The purpose of karate training is to develop and maintain health and strength, both physical and mental, to teach good manners, self discipline and mutual  respect between karate-ka and others. Training also serves to encourage decency and respect between all members of society.

Karate is endless, because every technique can always be improved upon. This encourages modesty and a strong intellectual stature.

Karate is a martial art, developed in loochoo (the old name of the Okinawan  Islands) since ancient times. The inhabitants of these islands had peculiar bare hand striking and bare feet kicking techniques which constitute special features of Karate. They called it 'Tei' which means hand.

Wado-Ryu Karate-do is now one of the most popular styles of Karate in the world. Wado means 'way of peace and harmony'. Ryu means style, Karate-do means the 'way  of empty hand' meaning without weapons.


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