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    The purpose of Karate training is to develop and maintain health and strength, both physical and mental, to teach good manners, self-discipline and mutual respect between Karate-ka and others. Training also serves to encourage decency and respect between all members of society. Read More
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    Apart from regular sessions held at each club, the BWKS has a number of events throughout the year. We hold regular weekend camps and regular shield matches where clubs from the association compete at kata and kumite (fighting). There is also an annual national championship. Read More
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    So if you're thinking of turning up to a local club and you're wondering what to expect?. Turn up in comfortable trousers (tracksuit bottoms) and a T-shirt. You don't wear any shoes and socks. Experienced students will be wearing karate-gi (white-suit). Read More
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British Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Shikukai

Karate is ideal for keep fit, self defense and self discipline. All ages (from five upwards) women and men, girls or boys, are welcome to come along and train. Our affiliated clubs are in London and Essex area.

Under Yoshi Shinohara (8th Dan) we practice a traditional Japanese form of the Wado-Ryu (literally 'way of peace) form of karate. The clubs aim to keep an high standard in karate while maintaining a friendly atmosphere. The BWKS was established in 1975, and for over a quarter of a century students of karate have enjoyed training.

The BWKS Affiliated to the JKF Wado-Kai (Japanese Karate-Do Federation Wado-Kai).

Our Website contains lots of information about our history and activities. Have a browse and enjoy, and if  your're interested drop us an email, or just turn up to one of the clubs section.

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